The Fair Work Commission announced on 1st April 2020 that it intends to update 103 awards to address the current challenges.  This will include two measures – Unpaid Pandemic Leave and Annual leave at half pay.  These proposed measures are temporary and are expected to operate until 30 June 2020 (unless extended by the Government).

Unpaid Pandemic Leave
This will allow employees access to unpaid leave in order to self-isolate in situations where they don’t have access to paid personal leave or annual leave.  This new measure is designed to cover a number of areas where the current law doesn’t adequately cover the current circumstances.    The new Pandemic Leave provisions will assist with situations such as:-

  • Casuals who aren’t covered by sick leave
  • Employees with a low balance of accrued sick leave

Annual Leave at Half Pay
The new measures will also allow employees to take twice the amount of annual leave at half pay if mutually agreed with the employer.

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