COVID-19 has changed many aspects of our lives, both good and bad. However, one way that is actually helping keep money in our pocket, or even potentially put money back in our pocket, is the way that we shop. Particularly online.

For many of us, online shopping isn’t new. It is always an option available to us, depending on what we are purchasing and where from. We could pick and choose our preferred method depending on what we simply felt like or how our day or week was looking.

But since COVID-19, many of us are preferring to remain hygienically within our homes and jump online to do most of our shopping, which is conveniently giving us back our time and energy as well as helping us become savvier, germ-free shoppers.

How to make the most of online sales

According to a recent survey by Cashrewards, with online sales such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, more than 84 per cent of Australians are holding out to use these online discounts to stock up and be prepared and organised for their Christmas presents.

In turn, giving us back time, efficiency and greater savings when most budgets are tighter than ever before.

It also found that contrary to the stereotype, men aged 26-45 aren’t leaving their purchases to last minute but leading the way with the most likely of all Australians to do their Christmas shopping over the forthcoming online sales days to lock in those savings.

Taking it one step further, Australians are capitalising on these online discounts and doubling up by shopping through cashback websites, where you earn money back from your own online shopping. And, quite often, you can collect further discount coupon codes along the way, which are supplied only to their members and community.


Earning money while shopping

A few years ago, I was intrigued by the concept of “cashback” and any feelings of cynicism, quickly dissipated as I watched my own online shopping commission accumulate through my Cashrewards account.

Since receiving my first deposit in refunded cashback, (which was immediately shifted into my savings account for The $1000 Project) I have been a convert ever since and it is now my first point of call before doing any online shopping.

To me, why shouldn’t I earn money back on my own shopping? Especially when it is free, easy, and I’m often able to access greater rewards – particularly from these amazing online shopping events.

So, if you are one of the one in three Australians – like me – who is looking to be more budget conscious than ever before: plan and prepare your budget, write a list of the items or gifts you need to get organised, research beforehand and jump on the sales and available stock before they sell out and if you want, collect your cashback and potential additional coupon codes along the way.

And perhaps this Christmas, your own shopping helps you with a Christmas gift for yourself.




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